When interacting with mobile devices, users have little patience for confusing interfaces or unnecessary steps that impede their progress. As designers, we must understand the role of momentum in effective user interface design and create experiences that keep our users moving.

Andrew Johnson

Google Inc.

Think about the act of checking email on a mobile device. This is probably one of our most efficient interactions with our phones; we do it while crossing the street, between conversations and even (for the dangerous few!) while driving. Every distracting bit of user interface (UI) that could get in the way of checking our email has been stripped from the design, making it a streamlined process that we love doing.

Anita McEricckson

Microsoft Corp.

This year has brought a number of changes in the conference scene around the world. Quite a few established conferences have taken their last bow, and a whole bunch of new conferences have appeared — and I’m not just talking about the Smashing conferences! There’s even a conference for developing applications of the not-yet-released Google Glass.

Romeo Schultz